The Black Hand

A mysterious group operating in The Great Rift area, with unknown (to the PCs) motives. They are a group of shady individuals, primarily assassins, who seek the overthrow of the current dwarven government, which they believe to be weak. While they superficially have dwarvenkind’s best interest at heart, their primary drive is the acquisition of power, and they would rule with an iron fist, eliminating those who would oppose them. They have few members, but some of them have infiltrated the castle and high-society, and wait only for the right time to strike.

The group actually extends beyond the Great Rift and across all of Faerun. Drakmor, while he acts as the leader, is actually the equivalent of a cardinal. Unknown to other members, he takes orders from a secretive “pope” who also commands other cardinals across the continent. His goal is to use the Black Hand to distract the most powerful kingdoms of the world so that he can summon an elder fiend without interference; Drakmor (and most other “cardinals”) are unaware of this goal (and each other), thinking only that they’re trying to claim power of their territory as they’re best-suited to win. Some of the cardinals, like Drakmor, actually have noble-enough intentions, even if their means are dark.

Drakmor and Balor are members; Rin, with whom Balor works, is not currently a member, but Balor has been grooming her and considers her a viable candidate for membership.

Arthur turned traitor to the group and planned to expose them, but was killed (either by PCs or by Drakmor) at The Great Thrift inn during Adventure 5.

The Black Hand

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