Castle Ward: City Jail, Courthouse, Main Guardhouse

Grumosh: Jailor, Half-Orc Male, Age 24, Low-Level Monk, LN
Appearance: Tall and Muscular, Bald with a monk-like ring of black hair, black goatee, light gray skin and dark gray eyes, wears silver chestplate with Waterdeep’s Coat of Arms and leather gloves.
Personality: Grumosh is smart, but not particularly insightful. He’s knows Waterdeep’s laws forward and backward, and those laws govern his outlook. He sees everything in terms of black and white, with no room for variance. Neither friendly nor standoffish, he has little personality to speak of, and few thoughts of his own.

Judge Eleanor Manciet: Judge, Human Female, Age 41, High-Level Aristocrat, LN
Appearance: Tusseled, wispy, light-blond hair; beginning signs of wrinkles; clean-shaven; bored blue eyes; judge’s robes
Personality: Judge Manciet is a friendly woman, but she has a no-nonsense approach to the law and his interpretation of it. She’ll tolerate no threats or intimidations, and is quick to lose her smile at the mere joking of breaking a law. She has a slight bias against Orcs, Gnomes, and Elves, due to their more chaotic natures.

Rass the Cyclops: Prisoner/Thief, Human Male, Age 21, Low/Mid-Level Rogue, CN
Appearance: Short and malnourished; unkempt dirty blond hair and facial stubble; desperation in voice; eye patch
Personality: Rass faces execution for stealing from the wrong person: one of the secret lords of Waterdeep. Panicky but not remorseful, he regrets only that he chose the worst possible house to rob. He longs for escape not to right his wrongs, but simply to avoid death. Nevertheless, he’d be genuinely grateful for any acts of kindness or mercy he’s shown.
Special: One way or another, Rass will wind-up free from prison. If the PCs didn’t free him, he’ll be a thorn in their sides. If they did, he’ll come to their aid, possibly even becoming a cohort for a time.

Dock Ward: Tavern, Warehouse, Docks/Shipyard

Jono Wiks: Listener, Halfling Male, Age 38, Mid-Level Rogue/Assassin, NE
Appearance: Short and lithe, well-groomed black hair, fine clothes and jewelry (unless on a job); speaks with an Irish accent
Personality: Jono is a charming and likeable Halfling, a trait he uses to his advantage to lower other’s guards. He flirts with the ladies, and is proud of his role in the Black Hand, to the degree that he’s not as secretive about it as he should be. He’s a capable assassin, and is second in command of the Black Hand in Waterdeep. After Will is captured, Jono takes his place as Listener for that chapter. Jono owns a store that specializes in stealth-based magical items.
Special: Jono possesses the talent given to all Listeners that allows him to identify other members of the Black Hand, even if he otherwise wouldn’t know them. He’s never heard of Drakmor, and expresses surprise and disbelief about their presence in the Great Rift. He has a stock of poisons in a secret room in the back of his shop that are for sale to like-minded individuals.

Alicia Enno: Bartender; Elf Female, Age 29, Mid-Level Expert (Brewer), N
Appearance: Wood elf, auburn hair, copper skin, green wild eyes; slight frame, often in black apron with a tree logo stitched on it
Personality: Being a wood elf, Alicia is less-than-comfortable in Waterdeep. However, she became lost during one of her clans’ many migrations, and found herself in range of the city. While she disliked the close confines of civilization, she found that ale is a language the city shared with her people, her parents being brewers for her tribe. With civilization being preferable to starvation, she endeared herself to a local bartender, began brewing, and grew to own her own tavern (albeit a low-class one). Alicia tends to be curt and blunt, lacking that tact that one learns growing up in a civilized world. She’s slightly more cordial towards other elves.

Ruck the Stout: First mate on The Seaspear; Dwarf Male, Age 52, Mid-Level Swashbuckler, CG
Appearance: Potbellied; Large, gold-toothed grin; braided black hair and goatee; tattered clothes; saber at the waist
Personality: Ruck is a hearty and loud Dwarf, the first mate of The Seaspear. He lives-up to the stereotype of the drunk dwarf, but transcends the one that they’re oafish and uncoordinated. His shape and size conceal his speed and dexterity, and he’s able to nimbly maneuver around his ship. Ruck loves people and their stories, and is happy to stop what he’s doing to chat with any passerby that cares to do so.

Sara: Deckhand on The Seaspear, Human Female, Age 15, Low-Level Expert (Sailor), CN
Appearance: Wiry and fit; tattered clothes, heavier than most; brown hair in pony tail, green eyes; dark skin
Personality: Sara is originally from Calimshan, and the colder weather of Waterdeep wears on her. An orphan, she has nowhere to go, and it was only Ruck’s generosity that got her a place on The Seaspear. Still, once her foot was in the door, she quickly earned her place aboard by working hard and well. She’s a clever girl, and a fast learner, and is inquisitive by nature. She hasn’t seen much magic, and so is often intrigued by any arcane display that she witnesses. She’s quick to develop teenage crushes on mages.

Eric Silvershield: Fake Adventurer, Human Male, Age 23, Low-Level Bard, CN
Appearance: Tall and strapping; light brown hair; blue eyes; very well-groomed; polished silver-colored armor and shield
Personality: Eric is an outgoing and lively man, eager to tell stories of his adventures and to revel in the praise those stories bring. He sells information about treasure that he is too busy to pursue.
Special: Eric Silvershield is a lie, all the way down to his name. His real name is Eric Dunwallow, and he’s not the adventurer he pretends to be. In truth, he’s a coward whose actions cost him the life of his fiancée five years ago. Since then, he created the Silvershield persona both as a way to protect his ego as well as a way to make some coin. His talents as a bard serve him well in convincing real adventurers that his tips are worth their investment.

South Ward: Temple to Tyr, Temple to Selune, Secret Temple to Shar (under abandoned temple)

Duncan Stephens: Tyran Cleric, Human Male, Age 31, Low-Level Cleric, LG
Appearance: Short but muscular, blond hair and thin beard, blue eyes, wears Tyran banner over suit of chainmail armor
Personality: Duncan is a noble man, who values the well-being of all living creatures. As a cleric of Tyr, he feels he must be prepared to defend the city at any time, and so he constantly wears his armor and mace. Duncan believes that the way to goodness is through following the law and honorable battle. He has little patience for criminals or troublemakers, but neither does he seek their needless suffering. He is happy to imprison any lawbreakers, and the city guard considers him an unofficial member.

Lady Katherine Astoreth: Noble (Shar Worshipper): Human Female, Age 28, Mid-Level Aristocrat and Low-Level Rogue, NE
Appearance: Silky black hair; green eyes; full-figured; beautiful; form-fitting and revealing elegant clothing (usually grays or purples); silver jewelry
Personality: Lady Astoreth is a noble for the people. She’s frequently out and about with only one or two escorts, and often donates money to local charities. Pleasant and flirtatious, she’s the desire of many of Waterdeep’s men (herself a widow) and the envy of even more of the city’s women, who, despite their best efforts, cannot bring themselves to dislike her.
Special: The passing of her husband was hard on Lady Astoreth, and she retreated from the public eye for a few months. She nursed a deep bitterness until a Cleric of Shar perceived it and pounced upon it. After hearing the words of the night goddess, Lady Astoreth embrace her teachings and became a different person. Publicly, she remains the same, but in secret she advocates Shar’s doctrine and seeks to inflict the suffering of loss upon as many as possible. Shar tolerates Lady Astoreth’s donations because the noblewoman always makes it a point to personally rob the charity she donated to within a few months. In both hers and the goddess’ eyes, stripping the hope from people by stealing the money they’d just received is more powerful than not giving the money in the first place.

Brother Jonas: Selune Monk, Elf Male, Age 62, Mid-Level Monk, LG
Appearance: Tall and skinny; simple robe and sandles; buzzed haircut; green eyes
Personality: Brother Jonas is a silent individual. He speaks largely in proverbs or verses from Selune’s sacred works, although he’s not explicitly limited to such forms of communication. Very formal and non-confrontational, he addresses everyone with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” and is reluctant to disagree openly with anyone. However, he’s quick to defend Selune or fellow worshipers, and will become angry if someone continues to belittle them after he’s cautioned them against it.
Special: If the PCs get along with Brother Jonas, he will confide in them that the Temple of Shar (hidden somewhere in Waterdeep) has stolen a prized Selune artifact. He’ll offer the PCs a similar (albeit less-powerful) artifact if they’re able to retrieve it.

North Ward: Donovan’s Mansion, Temple of Tymora (Wealth), Upscale Tavern

Maester Donovan, Human Male, Age 42, High-Level Aristocrat, LE

Appearance: Unattractive; short and fat; waddles when he walks; cluster of warts under right eye; dresses in expensive clothes; thinning black hair and dark eyes
Personality: Maester Donovan’s malice is apparent to all who interact with him. While he keeps himself distant-enough from his underworld dealings that the city guard can’t touch him, few have any doubts of his connections and all are hesitant to cross him. He’s all business, and has no interest in talking to anyone without something to offer him. Such individuals are treated to a thinly-veiled threat suggesting that they leave him be.
Special: PCs know that Maester Donovan is Alys’ next target from Drakmor. What Alys doesn’t know is that it isn’t the first time the Black Hand has targeted Donovan, and that its last attempt was made by the Listener, William Dodger. The failure put a price on Will’s head so high that it was only a matter of time before he was in Donovan’s personal dungeons.

Tom Jeffries: Wizard Bodyguard, Human Male, Age 56, Mid-Level Wizard, NE
Appearance: Elderly; gray hair; clean-shaven; loose, flowing blue robes; electric blue eyes
Personality: Tom Jeffries is a Transmuter by specialization (working similar to Ed from Full Metal Alchemist). He’s a deceptively meek and quiet man, but not one to be trifled with. He has spent many years in the service of Maester Donovan, and has seen and done many dark things at the request of his employer. Those who think he’s a frail old man lacking backbone aren’t often given the chance to make the mistake twice. Still, he’s cordial enough to those who show him, and Donovan, respect.

Eliza Adams: Fighter Bodyguard, Human Female, Age 20, Mid-Level Fighter, NE
Appearance: Muscular and masculine; wears chest plate with heavy bracers; brown hair is cropped short; brown eyes are squinted and calculating
Personality: Eliza is quick to fight, as much to prove she’s the better of any man as for any other reason. She loves melee combat, and is almost as deadly empty-handed as she is with a sword. She enjoys bullying people, sometimes to take something that she wants and other times just for sadistic joy. As much as she hates men, she hates weak women even more. If a woman proves that she is strong, Eliza grants them a grudging respect.

Tessa LeNoir: Owns Stygia, Tiefling Female, Age 23, Mid-Level Sorcerer, N
Appearance: Pink skin; black hair groomed over noticeable horns; well-endowed; black eyes; halter-top and hip-hugging pants
Personality: A shrewd businesswoman, Tessa succeeded in opening an upper-class tavern in a part of town that would otherwise never bother to do business with a Tiefling. Tessa promoted her place as risqué and edgy, and it worked; the rich nobles that live in the surrounding houses and mansions feel a false sense of bravery when they eat there, as if they were injecting some sort of daring into their lives. To ensure that daring doesn’t become actual danger, Tessa tolerates no antics of any kind in her tavern; on any given night, she has at least two off-duty members of the city watch on her payroll as bouncers. Her tavern includes a stage that feature a variety of performances. The business nights are the rare ones where Tessa herself steps from behind the bar for a demon-themed burlesque dance routine.
Special: Unknown to virtually everyone (except for Will and Jono), Tessa is also a member of the Black Hand. Her roll in the organization is more reconnaissance than anything else, but she’s not above getting her hands dirty should a job require a magical talent.

Trades Ward: Blacksmith, Enchanter, Generalist, Potions

Arreliss Abbathorn: Blacksmith; Gnome Male, Age 58, Mid-Level Expert, CG
Appearance: Long, uneven beard (fire-singed); short blond hair; orange eyes (red in firelight); black apron; uncannily strong (due to hidden Belt of Giant Strength)
Personality: Arreliss is as tempermental as his forge; warm at times, and dangerously fiery at others. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to these variances, and while those who know him have learned to accept them, they’ve prevented him from having any friendships more meaningful than just acquaintences. He’s a capable blacksmith, but he’s had to work at it. As such, he’s resentful towards dwarves and their innate talent for the art.

Gwendolyn Stratton: Enchantress, Human Female, Age 61, Mid-Level Wizard, NG
Appearance: Near-elderly; white hair; wrinkling face; blue eyes with crows feet; glittering green robe
Personality: Gwendolyn is a friendly shopkeeper, which makes-up for her high prices. People tend to like her and want to do business with her, so they’re willing to pay a bit more than they might otherwise want. She speaks evenly and carefully, choosing her words with deliberation. She won’t try to push a product on a client, but genuinely believes that she has something to offer everyone, and will make every effort to pair a customer with that product.

Brakka Thunderhome: General Shopowner, Dwarf Male, Age 112, Low-Level Fighter, LN
Appearance: Balding, but remaining hair (and beard) are dark brown; beard is kept uncharacteristically short for a dwarf, nearly a goatee; brown eyes; ruddy brown skin; simple clothing
Personality: Brakka is a retired adventurer worth his salt. He knows the area around Waterdeep well, especially the caverns beneath it. His knowledge gives his shop an edge over competitors, as he knows the right tool for virtually any job (and usually has it in stock). That said, he’s not a friendly sort; decades of adventuring tend to wear on a person, and Brakka has little patience and little need for pleasantries.

Herbert Doein: Alchemist, Human Male, Age 33, Low-Level Druid, NG
Appearance: Thick glasses; large green eyes; wild blond hair; various colored stains on his clothes and hands
Personality: Herbert isn’t the clumsy dolt that his appearance might indicate. He’s actually a talented alchemist, with a wide area of knowledge in the field. A prodigy at brewing potions, he doubles as a consultant for his competitors (making sure to charge a fee that justifies helping them to better their product). He knows how to make poisons as well, but won’t do so out of his sense of morality. However, he has a working relationship with Jono, and the two send each other business regularly.


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