Trades Ward

Blacksmith, Enchanter, Generalist, Potions

Arreliss Abbathorn: Blacksmith; Gnome Male, Age 58, Mid-Level Expert, CG
Appearance: Long, uneven beard (fire-singed); short blond hair; orange eyes (red in firelight); black apron; uncannily strong (due to hidden Belt of Giant Strength)
Personality: Arreliss is as tempermental as his forge; warm at times, and dangerously fiery at others. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to these variances, and while those who know him have learned to accept them, they’ve prevented him from having any friendships more meaningful than just acquaintences. He’s a capable blacksmith, but he’s had to work at it. As such, he’s resentful towards dwarves and their innate talent for the art.

Gwendolyn Stratton: Enchantress, Human Female, Age 61, Mid-Level Wizard, NG
Appearance: Near-elderly; white hair; wrinkling face; blue eyes with crows feet; glittering green robe
Personality: Gwendolyn is a friendly shopkeeper, which makes-up for her high prices. People tend to like her and want to do business with her, so they’re willing to pay a bit more than they might otherwise want. She speaks evenly and carefully, choosing her words with deliberation. She won’t try to push a product on a client, but genuinely believes that she has something to offer everyone, and will make every effort to pair a customer with that product.

Brakka Thunderhome: General Shopowner, Dwarf Male, Age 112, Low-Level Fighter, LN
Appearance: Balding, but remaining hair (and beard) are dark brown; beard is kept uncharacteristically short for a dwarf, nearly a goatee; brown eyes; ruddy brown skin; simple clothing
Personality: Brakka is a retired adventurer worth his salt. He knows the area around Waterdeep well, especially the caverns beneath it. His knowledge gives his shop an edge over competitors, as he knows the right tool for virtually any job (and usually has it in stock). That said, he’s not a friendly sort; decades of adventuring tend to wear on a person, and Brakka has little patience and little need for pleasantries.

Herbert Doein: Alchemist, Human Male, Age 33, Low-Level Druid, NG
Appearance: Thick glasses; large green eyes; wild blond hair; various colored stains on his clothes and hands
Personality: Herbert isn’t the clumsy dolt that his appearance might indicate. He’s actually a talented alchemist, with a wide area of knowledge in the field. A prodigy at brewing potions, he doubles as a consultant for his competitors (making sure to charge a fee that justifies helping them to better their product). He knows how to make poisons as well, but won’t do so out of his sense of morality. However, he has a working relationship with Jono, and the two send each other business regularly.

Trades Ward

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