Torsh is a small town about 150 miles northwest of the Great Rift, sandwiched between the Chondalwood to its north and the Firesteap mountain range to its south. It’s a small farming town, with little more than a dozen buildings. It’s predominantly human, and largely uncultured. They’ll react with fear and superstition to Egan’s magic or Alys’ guns.

Torsh NPCs:
61 human male
Worldly, sagacious, learned (Alfred from newer Batman movies)
Full white hair, gray eyes, wrinkled

31 human male
No-nonsense, but alcoholic (veteran cop on a bad beat)
Wirey, walks tall, dark-blond hair, green eyes

34 human female
Pleasant, courteous, flirty, & maiden-like (ineffective)
Beautiful woman, long & wavy brown hair, kind of short, freckles, pale skin, long dresses

Gus Wellbottom
52 Halfling male
Cheerful & welcoming, shrewd businessman, sponge of information, troubled daughter Cora
Short, pudgy, black hair & eyes, disheveled, often frantic, often smiling

46 human female
Raised to be married to nobility, but affair made her ineligible; carries herself like a lady, confident and happy with her life;
Hint of beauty in youth, dark hair with streaks of gray, green eyes

10 human male
Saffy’s bastard son, innocent and inquisitive; playful & kind
Blond hair, overalls, blue shirt, ragged teddy bear he carries by its arm.


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