South Ward

Temple to Tyr, Temple to Selune, Secret Temple to Shar (under abandoned temple)

Duncan Stephens: Tyran Cleric, Human Male, Age 31, Low-Level Cleric, LG
Appearance: Short but muscular, blond hair and thin beard, blue eyes, wears Tyran banner over suit of chainmail armor
Personality: Duncan is a noble man, who values the well-being of all living creatures. As a cleric of Tyr, he feels he must be prepared to defend the city at any time, and so he constantly wears his armor and mace. Duncan believes that the way to goodness is through following the law and honorable battle. He has little patience for criminals or troublemakers, but neither does he seek their needless suffering. He is happy to imprison any lawbreakers, and the city guard considers him an unofficial member.

Lady Katherine Astoreth: Noble (Shar Worshipper): Human Female, Age 28, Mid-Level Aristocrat and Low-Level Rogue, NE
Appearance: Silky black hair; green eyes; full-figured; beautiful; form-fitting and revealing elegant clothing (usually grays or purples); silver jewelry
Personality: Lady Astoreth is a noble for the people. She’s frequently out and about with only one or two escorts, and often donates money to local charities. Pleasant and flirtatious, she’s the desire of many of Waterdeep’s men (herself a widow) and the envy of even more of the city’s women, who, despite their best efforts, cannot bring themselves to dislike her.
Special: The passing of her husband was hard on Lady Astoreth, and she retreated from the public eye for a few months. She nursed a deep bitterness until a Cleric of Shar perceived it and pounced upon it. After hearing the words of the night goddess, Lady Astoreth embrace her teachings and became a different person. Publicly, she remains the same, but in secret she advocates Shar’s doctrine and seeks to inflict the suffering of loss upon as many as possible. Shar tolerates Lady Astoreth’s donations because the noblewoman always makes it a point to personally rob the charity she donated to within a few months. In both hers and the goddess’ eyes, stripping the hope from people by stealing the money they’d just received is more powerful than not giving the money in the first place.

Brother Jonas: Selune Monk, Elf Male, Age 62, Mid-Level Monk, LG
Appearance: Tall and skinny; simple robe and sandles; buzzed haircut; green eyes
Personality: Brother Jonas is a silent individual. He speaks largely in proverbs or verses from Selune’s sacred works, although he’s not explicitly limited to such forms of communication. Very formal and non-confrontational, he addresses everyone with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” and is reluctant to disagree openly with anyone. However, he’s quick to defend Selune or fellow worshipers, and will become angry if someone continues to belittle them after he’s cautioned them against it.
Special: If the PCs get along with Brother Jonas, he will confide in them that the Temple of Shar (hidden somewhere in Waterdeep) has stolen a prized Selune artifact. He’ll offer the PCs a similar (albeit less-powerful) artifact if they’re able to retrieve it.

South Ward

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