North Ward

Donovan’s Mansion, Temple of Tymora (Wealth), Upscale Tavern

Maester Donovan, Human Male, Age 42, High-Level Aristocrat, LE

Appearance: Unattractive; short and fat; waddles when he walks; cluster of warts under right eye; dresses in expensive clothes; thinning black hair and dark eyes
Personality: Maester Donovan’s malice is apparent to all who interact with him. While he keeps himself distant-enough from his underworld dealings that the city guard can’t touch him, few have any doubts of his connections and all are hesitant to cross him. He’s all business, and has no interest in talking to anyone without something to offer him. Such individuals are treated to a thinly-veiled threat suggesting that they leave him be.
Special: PCs know that Maester Donovan is Alys’ next target from Drakmor. What Alys doesn’t know is that it isn’t the first time the Black Hand has targeted Donovan, and that its last attempt was made by the Listener, William Dodger. The failure put a price on Will’s head so high that it was only a matter of time before he was in Donovan’s personal dungeons.

Tom Jeffries: Wizard Bodyguard, Human Male, Age 56, Mid-Level Wizard, NE
Appearance: Elderly; gray hair; clean-shaven; loose, flowing blue robes; electric blue eyes
Personality: Tom Jeffries is a Transmuter by specialization (working similar to Ed from Full Metal Alchemist). He’s a deceptively meek and quiet man, but not one to be trifled with. He has spent many years in the service of Maester Donovan, and has seen and done many dark things at the request of his employer. Those who think he’s a frail old man lacking backbone aren’t often given the chance to make the mistake twice. Still, he’s cordial enough to those who show him, and Donovan, respect.

Eliza Adams: Fighter Bodyguard, Human Female, Age 20, Mid-Level Fighter, NE
Appearance: Muscular and masculine; wears chest plate with heavy bracers; brown hair is cropped short; brown eyes are squinted and calculating
Personality: Eliza is quick to fight, as much to prove she’s the better of any man as for any other reason. She loves melee combat, and is almost as deadly empty-handed as she is with a sword. She enjoys bullying people, sometimes to take something that she wants and other times just for sadistic joy. As much as she hates men, she hates weak women even more. If a woman proves that she is strong, Eliza grants them a grudging respect.

Tessa LeNoir: Owns Stygia, Tiefling Female, Age 23, Mid-Level Sorcerer, N
Appearance: Pink skin; black hair groomed over noticeable horns; well-endowed; black eyes; halter-top and hip-hugging pants
Personality: A shrewd businesswoman, Tessa succeeded in opening an upper-class tavern in a part of town that would otherwise never bother to do business with a Tiefling. Tessa promoted her place as risqué and edgy, and it worked; the rich nobles that live in the surrounding houses and mansions feel a false sense of bravery when they eat there, as if they were injecting some sort of daring into their lives. To ensure that daring doesn’t become actual danger, Tessa tolerates no antics of any kind in her tavern; on any given night, she has at least two off-duty members of the city watch on her payroll as bouncers. Her tavern includes a stage that feature a variety of performances. The business nights are the rare ones where Tessa herself steps from behind the bar for a demon-themed burlesque dance routine.
Special: Unknown to virtually everyone (except for Will and Jono), Tessa is also a member of the Black Hand. Her roll in the organization is more reconnaissance than anything else, but she’s not above getting her hands dirty should a job require a magical talent.

North Ward

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