Adventure 9

Arrival at Waterdeep

-City gates are like entrance to Disney on a grander scale; there are three signs at each gate:
-Residents, returning visitors, and new visitors
-Everyone in the city is given an ID card; residents have permits denoting them as such, and visitors are given visitor passes that they are expected to keep for any return visits.
-Assuming PCs go to new visitor line, after waiting in line, they’re greeted by a guard
at a table.

(The British accented guard is experienced and capable of intuiting lies.)
-“Welcome to the City of Splendors. What’s your business in Waterdeep?”
-Improvise dialogue here; if Alys says she’s looking for Will, guard replies “Dodger? Yeah, I’ve ‘eard of ‘im. Why would you be looking for a fellow like that?”
“Well, I’d check the city jails if I were you, in Castle Ward. If he’s not there, you might as well try the Dock Ward; that’s where shady sorts prefer to hang out. You just watch yourself.”

-“Alright, I just need each of you to sign your names on this visitor log; that’ll keep your pass to you specifically, and help us to find you if we need to.” (Hands pen to Alys)
(Pen is enchanted with a variant of Detect Lies; anyone writing with it is subject to a Will save DC 30; if they fail the save and try to use a fake name, their real name is written in red ink, revealing both the real name and their attempt to lie.)

-Assuming Alys tries a fake name: “… It’s not illegal to have secrets, Mrs. Wayland. But it’s suspicious. I’m afraid I’ll need you to check your weapons with me.” (If Alys resists, guard will permit her to simply register them: In this case, if they’re ever drawn, the city guard is made aware and she’ll be arrested unless she can justify her actions.)

-For Agna, “Princess Agna of the Simmerforge Clan” will appear in red regardless of what she tries to write. (The pen detects it’s a lie, but is unsure of why or what the truth actually is. The guard will assume she tried to write a different name, but other PCs may or may not know the truth about her efforts.)

Explore Waterdeep/Look for Will/Look for Donovan

PCs enter through Southern Gate; give them a map to look at (Waterdeep Pg 93).

Southern Gate leads to the South Ward
South Ward leads to the Dock Ward or the Trades Ward
Both the Dock Ward or the Trades Ward lead to the Castle Ward
Both the Trades Ward and the Castle Ward lead to the North Ward

At jail, Guard will say he doesn’t bother to know the names of his prisoners and that the logbook is at the capital building. He invites the PCs to look, if they like, but cautions them not to try anything.
While looking, PCs will meet Rass the Cyclops, who will point to a small pile on the floor
and claim that its his gear, and ask/beg the PCs to hand him the pouch on his belt. It has
his lockpicking tools in it. He’s been arrested for a burglary, and because the house
happened to be a secret lord’s house, he’ll probably be executed for it.

Encounter Inevitable
In a tavern (or somewhere), a stoic voice behind Alys will state “You have broken your contract, Corinalys Wayland.” Turning around reveals a large (~7’) cloaked figure with a hood pulled low over its head. “You pledged to return Egan Teltaal to the Clergy of Kossuth for the sum of 15000GP. You even received 5000GP up front. And you have failed, conscientiously, to deliver him to your employers. You are in breach of contract. You will surrender Mr. Teltaal and 5000GP to me, or be in violation of Mechanus Law Section 11-134.5.” Hopefully, Alys attempts to do some crazy quick-drawy action to shoot the Inevitable, only to hear the sound of the bullet impacting/ricocheting (i.e. it does damage, but struck a mechanical object). People of the tavern run at the sound of Alys’ weapon discharging, and the bartender hides behind the bar. Assuming Alys eventually draws her weapon, the Inevitable will battle for a few rounds before stating. “Enough. The punishment you are about to be handed will suffice for your infraction. Warrant #7312.4397 has been served.” The Inevitable will then vanish (using Greater Invisibility) just before the city guards burst through the door to arrest Alys for drawing her weapon. PCs can attempt to reason with guards, but NPC statements claim that Alys attacked first.
Encounter with Guards (Waterdeep Page 36 for approximate Guard Stats)
The guards will move to arrest Alys; the other PCs too if they attempt to stop it. PCs can run, surrender, or fight guards. If they choose to fight, more and more guards will show, and they’ll be angry at the PCs resistance and will proceed to use lethal force. Eventually, PCs have to run or surrender; how long they fought, how many guards they killed, etc., will impact the guards’ attitudes towards them, the crimes they’re charged with, and the probable sentence.
Saved by Jono
Whether PCs run or are arrested, they will be saved at some point by Jono If they run, he’ll appear down an alley and urge “This way!” leading them into a safehouse with a trap door, etc. If they’re arrested, Jono will pose as a guard to bring them their meal. Inside will be a set of lockpicks that they (Agna) can use to escape along with three snapsticks of Feather Fall. PCs will have to find their gear and escape the jail unseen. (In a pinch, Jono will aid in their escape.)
Jono (With Irish Accent)
If rescues PCs during chase “I figured a group with yer reputation would have done a better job of not drawin’ attention t’yerselves.” If rescues PCs from jail: “I figured a group with yer reputation would know what t’do with the lock picks I provided yeh.” (Our reputation?) “Aye, but let’s not discuss such things in public. Come. I’ll take ye back to my place. We kin talk there.” At his safe house: “I’m surprised ye allowed yerselves to get mixed-up with the guard like that. Ah figured ye’d come straight for me once ye arrived in Waterdeep.” “Well ye’re with the Black Hand, are ye nae? Here t’take care o’Maester Donovan? The Night Mother said t’keep an eye out fer ye. Mebbe she knew ye’d wind-up in trouble before y’could find me.” “Ye’ve nae need to be secretive here, lass. I’m nae the official List’ner, ‘tis true, but as the proxy List’ner I’ve the same ability they do t’identify other members.” He nods towards Alys’ right hand. “T’my eyes, yer hand appears as black as me own.” If other PCs protest membership: “Well, ‘tis true I dunnae see yer hands as black, nae. I assumed ye were initiates of a sort, here t’prove yer mettle on yer first assignment.” (If PCs protest they’re not assassins) “Huh. Well, that explains what the Night Mother meant when she said ye might need a nudge.” Provides the “Wanted” poster issued for Will. It was issued by Donovan. “The Night Mother said this would help ye find the courage t’do wot’s necessary.”

Jono is willing (too willing?) to answer questions about the Black Hand for the PCs (His answers here apply only to the Waterdeep Night Mother; Drakmor and the Great Rift Night Mother have a different relationship and explanation for their purpose, namely, the preservation of the Dwarven kingdom by eliminating its week links.)
“Th’Night Mother’s our unholy matron. People pray to ‘er when they’ve been wronged, and if
their prayers are sincere (and their tithe worthy), the Night Mother grants them their
darkest desire: The death of their offender. The Night Mother speaks only to the
List’ner, and assigns to ‘im a list of those who need to be assassinated. The List’ner
then assigns the marks to the member ‘e thinks is best qualified to get the job done.”

“Drakmor? Never ‘eard of ‘im.”
“What d’ye mean, ‘e’s the one what gave you this job?”
“I assumed th’ List’ner assigned it to ye before ‘e became indisposed…”
“Perhaps I’ve spoken too freely. You do yer job; then we’ll talk some more.”

Donovan’s Schedule

“Donovan’s nae a hard man t’find. It’s just tha most people are nae interested in findin’ ‘im.”
9PM-10AM: At his mansion, sleeping from roughly from 11PM-8AM
“If ye fancy stealth, this’ld be the best time to take ‘im. The mansion’s
crawling with hired goons, though. If ye doubt yer silence, though, I’d nae
10AM-11AM: Walking to his legitimate business, an armory in the market district.
“‘e’s definitely at ‘is most vulnerable when e’s in transit. ‘e’s only got ‘is
two bodyguards with ‘im when ‘e’s mobile, so if ye’re able to strike quickly, ye
can eliminate ‘im before anyone’s th’wiser. Ye may have to worry about the city
guards, though, and I’m nae sure I could save ye a second time. I’d only move in
public if ye’re confident ye can strike quickly and then disappear.”
11AM-4PM: Running the shop and scheduling appt. to meet later for “other” business.
“In ‘is shop might be the easiest if ye prefer direct combat, but ye could also
say it runs the greatest risk. In the eye o’ the law, ye’d be attacking an
establishment o’ the city in addition to one o’ its citizens, and if ye get
caught the punishment’ll reflect that. Bein’ outsiders, you’d likely nae get
exile, so execution’ld be th’remainin’ likelihood. Howe’er, it’s prob’ly the
best option if ye feel the need to go toe-to-toe in melee with ‘im and ‘is
4PM-4:45PM: Walking from business to The Stygia in North Ward
4:45PM-8:15PM: Drinking and socializing at Stygia
“If ye’re good at fast talking, it might be ideal to do the job when he’s out
drinking and try to blame it on a simple bar fight. Howe’er, seein’ as how the
city guard is already after ye, they may nae be inclined to believe ye.”
8:15PM-9PM: Walking Home

Confront Donovan if time
Rescue Will if time; reveal that Will is Waterdeep’s true Listener

Adventure 9

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