Adventure 8

Recap: Adventure 7 Summary

Begins on the 4th day (Alys’ segue took place during the 2nd night)

(Agna snuck out of the castle, leaving a note for her parents stating that she didn’t think Drow were responsible for Reihne’s death, and requested that they wait to attack them until she returned with proof one way or the other.)

Journey to the Lifts

The two of you (Alys and Egan) are en-route to the lifts that exit the Great Rift; it’s late morning the fourth day of the five-day journey. In the distance, you see a singular stout figure waving in an attempt to get your attention.

Getting closer, you see a plain-looking female dwarf. She’s sparsely equipped to be this far into the wild, wearing leather armor and carrying only a dagger. (Wisdom DC 18 to recognize her as Samantha from Chancellor Reihne’s mansion.)

Karyn plays this woman as if it’s her new character; Karyn’s sheet has notes on how to play her and when.
-At lifts, Samantha attempts to extort money from PCs to keep quiet about their possible role in Reihne’s death.
-If they decline, she summons guards
-If PCs relent and pay-up, Agna will show up later with their money in a bloodied bag
(having murdered Samantha to get it back.)
-“Blackmailers don’t ever stop. If you give in once, they’ll hit you up again and
-If they don’t, Samantha informs guards that PCs were sneaking around Reihne’s mansion
the night he was killed
-Attempt to arrest PCs; start fight with them, probably
-Agna shows up and triggers lift to escape and proceed.
-Counter-weight is suspended over a well; Agna throws the
switch dropping the weight

Lift Ride

-Along the ride up, Zeuroth, a deep dragon, appears from within the cavern wall and attacks the lift’s passengers. (Same one Alys fell from)
“Well now, you look familiar… So, you survived your fall last week? I don’t think you’d survive one from this height. That’s unfortunate for you, because I owe you for depriving me of my loot and half of my gang, and this time you don’t have an armored escort to protect you…”
-Fight will split cables holding lift platform
-Balance/Strength checks to keep from falling off platform

The Bounty Hunter(s)

-Meeting with bounty hunter in woods near Torsh
-PCs will have time to scout area and formulate a plan
-Not meant to be a combat
-If it evolves into that, treat him as a low-level Scout
-He’ll try to bluff PCs into paying him, and then “go get Will” and run
-He doesn’t have Will; his “partners” took him to redeem the bounty without him
while he was out looking for Alys to inform her of the increased amount. Doesn’t
know where; he was recruited when the other two came to Torsh. Maybe the other
townsfolk know where they were headed?

-Earthquake happens as PCs journey to Torsh.


Interview NPCs; Innkeeper Gus will eventually know to send PCs all the way to Waterdeep in search of Will.
-Gus’ Inn where they were staying has the original wanted poster in their room, complete
with “Waterdeep.”

Adventure 8

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