Adventure 7

Alys is T-53 days; payoff is 135,000GP

Adventure 6 Summary


After a brief interlude between Agna and Queen Karrivva, the Queen invited PCs to a celebratory dinner with the King and their daughter. First, they had to freshen-up and dress properly so as to be presentable at a royal feast. Also, she ordered that a cleric, Jargus (not to be confused with Jarthus, the Cleric of Gond in Earthheart) to tend to Alys’ leg.

Individualized PC Interactions

The female servant (Moryl) escorts you to your luxurious room. It’s as far above the hotel you’d stayed in previously as the hotel was above everything else. She informs you that Jargus will be with you shortly, and that she’ll return with some dresses that look your size for dinner. If Alys protests, it’s protocol, and she won’t be permitted to attend without the proper dress.

After a few moments, a gentle knock at the door briefly precedes a suave-looking dwarf cleric entering slowly. “Mrs. Alys?” he asks. He wears the garb of a cleric of Moradin, his brown hair is slicked-back, and his beard is long but well-kept, with not a hair out of place.

“My name is Jargus,” he explains as he wheels in what appears to be a massage table.
is the cleric sent to heal her. “Please, lay down on this table.” After you do, he looks over your leg with a watchful eye and a tender touch, gently prodding to see where the problem(s) are.

Finally, he says “Okay, this will take a few minutes. Just lay back and relax. You might feel some discomfort, but it shouldn’t be too painful. Here’s some reading material, while you wait.”

Allow Alys time to read it, and ask questions, but Jargus nearly as entry-level as Alys and doesn’t know too many details. He can explain that Drakmor is the leader of The Black Hand, and that he tends to be very hands-on. Jargus has only met a few other members, and has no idea of how large or small the organization may be.

Before leaving the room, he’ll hand her a small vial and say “Here’s a balm to help the healing process. Apply it 3x a day until it runs out,” he winks. “Take care of yourself.”

It’s roughly another 30 minutes before Moryl returns with a few dresses. You have your choice of a knee-length strapless sky-blue dress with a dark blue shaw, a full-length yellow dress with short sleeves, a full-length purple dress with long sleeves and a black sash about the waist, or a vintage-looking pink dress with a white jacket. After choosing, Moryl informs you that she will be back in 30 minutes to collect you for dinner.


The male servant (Rackars) escorts you to a room you could only have dreamed of. The luxury of the hotel pales in comparison. He tells you that he will be back shortly with some tuxedos that he believes should fit you.

Looking around the room, and find yourself impressed by the view it offers of Underhome. As you take in its grandeur, a mist seeps through the window and coalesces in front of it into a vaguely humanoid shape. “Seek the source” it says through echoey voices.

Here, he has the chance to ask questions questions directly, but their answers will remain cryptic.

As the Q&A session slows, it will be interrupted by a knock at the door. As Egan turns, he sees Rackars enter with a few garments draped over his arm. Turning back to the window reveals that the mist is gone (if it was ever truly there). Rackars shows you what he’s found for you: You have your choice of a navy blue suit with a deep purple tie with a white shirt, an all-white tuxedo with a beige shirt, or a traditional black tuxedo with tails, worn with a white shirt and a red cumberbun.

Rackars says that he will be back to collect you for dinner in 45 minutes. As he backs out of through the room’s door, you catch a glimpse of a red-skinned humanoid, except that your glimpse leads you to think its made of mechanical parts. As Rackars turns around and closes the door, the figure vanishes.


Queen Karrivva escorts you to what you suppose to be your room, talking at you and fussing over you the entire way. You pay her only the minimum of attention, however, preferring to savor and re-play your newly-recalled memories.

Give Karyn some memories to read, and allow her the chance to ask questions to flesh them out. The memories will be of her and the now-Matron Balaena Ildris, her cousin and ally.

“Agna?” the Queen asks after a question has gone ignored.
“Are you okay?”
“I’d asked if you wanted your red dress or your brown dress for dinner tonight.”
“As long as you’re okay… I’ll leave you to get ready and try to take in everything that’s happened. Your father and I will see you at dinner? Very well. I will send Moryl by with your red dress.”

Royal Feast

The conversation during dinner should be formal and superficial; again, “stiff upper lip” around guests. Give PCs opportunity to ask questions of the royals.
Queen Karrivva
King Marzoss

King: “So, Egan, what do you do for a living?”

Queen: “Are you married, Alys?”

King: “Who are your parents, Egan?” “Ah, a blacksmith! I’m a craftsman myself, you know. Carpenter. I’ll have to show you some of my work after dinner.”

Queen “Where are you from, Alys?”

King: “I can’t thank you both enough for saving my daughter.”
Queen: “Oh, yes! The reward! Alys & Egan, before you leave, we’ll make sure you’re each given 10,500GP for your efforts.”

King: “Where will you two go from here?”

When conversation slows, screams are heard from the kitchen. A Trollhound (B3- PG 274) erupts into the dining room, growling and snarling.
PCs must fight it without their weapons, and an anti-magic spell is over the room that prevents anyone without a key-bracelet from casting spells (which Egan won’t know until he tries to cast).

If needed, Captain Gorgini will arrive to save PCs.

Afterwards, Queen Karrivva has fainted. King Marzoss suggests adjourning for the night (despite it being only 7:00PM), and that they can continue their conversation during breakfast tomorrow.
**Karyn should suggest PCs retire to her room for a few moments. There, she should propose confronting Chancellor Reihne.

Mansion Dungeon Crawl

Reihne’s Mansion

Note: Gunfire = Loud

Like the Drow house previously, PCs can plan to infiltrate however they want. House will have a few guards and servants, plus Reihne and his mom. They’ll also encounter a Drow assassination party there to take out Reihne. They’ll lie and say that it’s because they’re hoping it will destabilize the kingdom; in reality, he knows too much about their attempts to undermine the royal house. Balaena leads the group.

Adventure 7

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