Owner of Caravan


Gnome Male, Age 45, Expert 10, CG

Personality: Friendly & warm; welcoming; helpful; skillful negotiator; good with people; father-figure of caravan.

Like: Bilbo as he is towards Gandalf

Appearance: Fiery orange hair and goatee, earthy brown skin; 3’ tall, large eyes, brown vest & black slacks

Adventure 4 and Prior

Zarzuket and his caravan met the PCs in the underdark, and accompanied them to a mining colony, and a drow colony. At the drow colony, the caravan was attacked by bounty hunters of Kossuth seeking the PCs, and Caladrel was killed. Zarzuket decided the PCs could travel with them until Earthheart, but no further.

Adventure 5

Captain Dolgrin spoke with Zarzuket about escorting the newly-realized Princess Agna to Underhome. The caravan was attacked by bandits, a troll, and a deep dragon along the way.


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