Caravan Mechanic


Human Female, Age 16, Expert 8, NG

Nerd & hands-on; smart
Fascinated by tech, especially Alys’ gun
Just “picked-up” gunsmithing by tinkering

Like: Winry Rockbell

Appearance: Dirty/greasy from constant work; calloused hands, but attractive; brown hair and green eyes.

Adventure 4 and Prior

Traveling with Zarzuket’s caravan, met the PCs in the underdark, and accompanied them to a mining colony, and a drow colony. At the drow colony, the caravan was attacked by bounty hunters of Kossuth seeking the PCs, and Caladrel was killed. Zarzuket decided the PCs could travel with them until Earthheart, but no further.

Adventure 5

Teresa took Caladrel’s death hardest of all; it was the first death she’d witnessed, and the attack itself was traumatizing. Alys has the best chance of making amends, due to her bizarre weapons.

Rags attempted to cheer her up, with minimal success. Alys faked that her gun was broken, and was able to get through to her.


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