Hedonistic Bard


Female Drow, Age 23, Bard 10, CN

Talice is a hedonistic and self-serving woman, though she remains as bloodthirsty as any Drow. She prefers the subtlety of a spider, luring victims into her web and then killing them when they’re relaxed and vulnerable. She’s manipulative and sultry, feigning naivete while being content to rule her world rather than the entire world.

Talice constantly dresses in sexy, revealing outfits, most often like a stereotypical genie. She has rich blue eyes and white hair that is constantly styled with pins. The pins are poisonous, and her primary method of attacking.

She’s a member of House Ildris in the colony of Kaldra’iv.

Adventure 4 and Prior

The PCs encountered Talice while infiltrating Ildris Manor. The heard sounds from a bedroom, and discovered her in there pleasuring herself. Since they were disguised as Drow, she invited them to join her. Fearing treachery, they did so, but tied her up so she couldn’t turn on them. They left her exhausted but satisfied.


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