Lesser Cleric of Oghma


Male Dwarf, Age 51, Cleric 10, LG

Reddick is tall for a dwarf, reaching nearly 5’. He speaks with a deep, base-y voice that is equal parts intimidating and comical. He wears the traditional garments of Oghma.

Growing up, Reddick was teased because of his height. Rather than lash out, he found solice in Oghma’s service, learning along the way how to prank those who mocked him.

Adventure 4 and Prior

Reddick was the cleric who greeted PCs at the Temple of Oghma and sent them looking for the missing Jarthus, who they rescued from the hands of a cleric of Cyric.

Adventure 5

Reddick accompanies the PCs from Earthheart to Underhome.


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