Caravan Metalsmith/Trader


Half-Elf Female, Age 32, Expert 3/Barbarian 1; CG

Rough around the edges; likes brawling
Simple & Loyal; generous with her income
Treats the caravan as family; suspicious of outsiders

Like: Vola

Lean musculature, provocative style of dress, pale skin, blond hair, green eyes

Adventure 4 and Prior

Traveling with Zarzuket’s caravan, met the PCs in the underdark, and accompanied them to a mining colony, and a drow colony. At the drow colony, the caravan was attacked by bounty hunters of Kossuth seeking the PCs, and Caladrel was killed. Zarzuket decided the PCs could travel with them until Earthheart, but no further.

Adventure 5

Like Fijit, Reda has had difficulty forgiving the PCs. Egan stands the best chance of easing her pain, if only because he’s a man.

Rags tried to talk to her unsuccessfully. Egan pointed out that PCs weren’t the ones who attacked the caravan, but if they were around it would increase her chance of getting revenge on Kossuth’s cleric.


Riches from Rags christhestampede