Aloof Wizard


Female Drow, Age 33, Wizard 6, NE

Narcelia is an incredibly aloof woman, virtually unable to be pulled away from whatever book she’s currently reading. She avoids fighting, being more interested in learning as much as she can. She believes that knowledge = power, and so knowledge is her priority.

Narcelia is prim and proper, with a level of elegance that suggests royalty. She wears purple robes to accent her braided purple-hued hair and purple eyes.

She’s a member of House Ildris in the colony of Kaldra’iv.

Adventure 4 and Prior

PCs encountered Narcelia in the library of Ildris Manor in Kaldra’iv. She seemed oblivious to their presence, speaking only to ask them to be quiet and to ask the ratio of ingredients to make Bonebite (which Rags was able to answer).


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