Necrophiliac Rogue


Female Drow, Age 24, Cleric 2 Rogue 3, CE

Mizzrym is a weird woman, one who pursued the path of the cleric to learn how to create undead to satisfy her necrophiliac urges. Prior to that, she put her roguish skills to use robbing grave to sate her desires. She comes across as creepy, but she’s not an unpleasant person.

Mizzrym could be described as “trashy-hot.” She wears torn fishnets, too much make-up, and tattered clothes. She has long white hair pulled into pigtails, and has pale blue eyes. She’s very gaunt, her skin is cold to the touch, and she speaks in whispers.

She’s a member of House Ildris in the colony of Kaldra’iv.

Adventure 4 and Prior

The PCs briefly encountered Mizzrym during their infiltration of House Ildris, but quickly turned-away when they realized they’d caught her during an intimate moment with some zombies, cooing “Did rigor-mortis set in yet?” She was unaware of their presence.


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