Bar Patron - Drunkard/Monk


Female Dwarf, Age 105

Mertie is a middle-aged barfly and alcoholic. There are hints of beauty in her younger days, but years of hard-drinking and a hard life have taken their toll. She walks with a permanent drunken-stagger. She’ll do or say whatever she thinks will get her her next fix.

Mertie is actually a monk specializing in drunken boxing. Her act is believable because it used to be real. However, Jarthus reached out to her one day and showed her that the life she lived was unfit, as it altered her perception of the truths of reality around her. She has since become a devoted member of the church of Oghma, and underwent a rehabilitation program where she learned to handle alcohol and use it to her advantage. When she came out, it appeared to all her former contacts that she had simply relapsed in a bad way. Most ignore her presence now, writing her off as a rambling drunkard; she uses their ignorance to glean information from otherwise private conversations and pass it up to Gloin.

Adventure 4 and Prior

PCs found Mertie stumbling around the Rocksteady. Once Gloin learned that Jarthus was missing, she took the PCs upstairs and dropped her act, revealing the truth behind the bar.

Adventure 5


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