King Telchar - Ghost

Ghost - First Deep Lord


King Telchar was the first Dwarven king of the Great Rift. He ruled with his wife, Queen Dis many centuries ago. Between the two, they are considered exemplars of Dwarven wisdom and ideals, and their spirits are consulted during times of great trouble. It is a rite of passage for all members of royalty to make the pilgrimage to The Tomb of Elders to pay their respects to this royal couple.

King Telchar is a curmudgeon at best, and frequently unpleasant. It’s apparent that history has cast a rosy pall over his memory. He seems disturbed by his generational visitors, but grudgingly tolerates the tradition.

King Telchar is a bald apparition, with a translucent floating beard. His spectral clothes, while kingly, indicate the poorer times from which the Deep Realm rose.


King Telchar - Ghost

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