Head Cleric of Oghma in Earthheart


Jarthus is pale, especially for a dwarf. He carries himself with an arrogance that comes from knowledge, and favors the use of large words.

Jarthus loves to read, and embraces the knowledge aspect of his deity. He can often be found at the library, and many of the employees consider him their friend.

Adventure 4 and Prior

Jarthus was kidnapped by a cleric of Cyric. The PCs rescued him, and he searched Rags’ mind for her memories and uncovered a vision of Queen Karrivva. He detected a gem imbedded in Rags’ left calf, confirming her to be Princess Agna

Adventure 5

Jarthus arranged for Captain Gromlin to form an escort group to take Princess Agna to the castle at Underhome, and sent Reddick along with them.


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