Ur-Priest for Black Hand


Male Dwarf, 56, Ur Priest

Jargus is a suave-looking dwarf cleric. He wears the garb of a cleric of Moradin, his brown hair is slicked-back, and his beard is long but well-kept, with not a hair out of place.

Jargus is a member of The Black Hand, but he’s a newer member. He used his talent as an Ur Priest to con his way into the castle’s service. Drakmor, recognizing deceit when he sees it, asked Jargus if he’d mind keep an eye on the royals and letting Drakmor know of any major comings and goings or other important information. Jargus is paid handsomely for this task with a weekly salary of 1000GP.


During Adventure 7, Jargus was the one who healed Alys’ leg. He also delivered a message to her from Drakmor, which wound up being a commission to kill Chancellor Reihne.


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