Guard Captain of Earthheart


Male Dwarf, Age 65, Fighter 10, LG

Gromlin is the captain of the guard in Earthheart. A stout and brave dwarf, he has earned his rank through repeated acts of skill and valor in defense of the city. He takes his job seriously, and places the lives of others above his own. To die in service of his people would be a great death.

Gromlin has a bushy brown beard with less braids than an average dwarf, and his brown hair is cut in a ring around a bald top, almost monk-like. He wears full-plate armor emblazoned with the sigil of Earthheart.

Adventure 4 and Prior

No contact.

Adventure 5

Gromlin has been tasked with taking the PCs from Earthheart to Underhome. He’s chosen Borthal and Tordek to accompany him.


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