Bartender at shady tavern


Gloin owns the tavern Rocksteady in Earthheart. He’s a rough-looking, intimidating dwarf. He speaks in a gruff tone, and seems uninterested in any semblance of customer service. He looks dirty, and an unpleasant odor accompanies his unwelcoming looks.

Gloin is actually childhood friends with Jarthus, and most of Gloin’s patrons have learned not to look twice when the cleric walks in. In truth, their relationship extends beyond an old acquaintence: Gloin’s tavern serves as a haven for reformed gang members and a source of information on underworld activity, which he funnels through Jarthus to the city watch. On average, at least one of the patrons in the bar is attempting to escape gang life.

Mertie is an undercover agent like Gloin is, and reports to him what she hears.

Adventure 4 and Prior

The PCs met with Gloin multiple times while searching for Jarthus. During their last meeting, he had Mertie explain that his tavern was a front for people trying to reform their lives as well as a source of information for the city guard.

Adventure 5


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