Lolth Cleric - Deceased


Female Drow, Age 44, Cleric 8, CE

G’eldriia was the matron of House Ildris until killed by the PCs through a ruse constructed by her daughter, Balaena, in a bid for power. She was a proud, haughty, and sadistic woman who toyed with her foes and moaned with pleasure when she injured them.

G’eldriia had long white hair and blood-red eyes. She wore minimal clothing, frequently only a cloak, bikini, and sandals, and she favored ornate jewelry.

She was the matron of House Ildris in the colony of Kaldra’iv.

Adventure 4 and Prior

The PCs inadvertently killed G’eldriia with a potion provided by Balaena during Adventure 3. Balaena had told them the potion would paralyze her so they could rescue her from her kidnappers.


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