Caravan Bookkeeper


Gnome Female, Age 40, Zarzuket’s Wife, NG

Nervous, Jittery

Appearance: Bright red hair in pony-tails too young for her, bright orange eyes, green dresses

Adventure 4 and Prior

Traveling with Zarzuket’s caravan, met the PCs in the underdark, and accompanied them to a mining colony, and a drow colony. At the drow colony, the caravan was attacked by bounty hunters of Kossuth seeking the PCs, and Caladrel was killed. Zarzuket decided the PCs could travel with them until Earthheart, but no further.

Adventure 5

Fijit is the least comfortable with the PCs traveling with them again, and acts the coldest towards them. Since he was able to help heal her illness, Egan has the best chance to put her at ease.

Rags tried to talk to her, but Fijit said things were worse than travelling with two wanted criminals now that a princess was here. Egan talked with her, and said the gods had a plan, and she realized that it wasn’t the PCs who killed Caladrel.


Riches from Rags christhestampede