Mysterious Villain


Male Dwarf, Age 42, Summoner 12

To all appearances, Drakmor is the leader of a mysterious organization he calls The Black Hand. The goals of this organization are similarly unknown, but the secrecy implies something less than virtuous. In truth, he takes orders from someone in the shadows, unaware that the secretive figure commands similar groups all across Faerun.

Drakmor is a charismatic dwarf, despite the shady feeling he exudes. He wears a simple black cloak that covers his torso, concealing whatever may be underneath. He wears a dark gray captain’s hat, which he takes off when he speaks.

Adventure 5

Drakmor approaches the PCs at the inn, “The Great Thrift,” and offer to ally with them against Kossuth if they’ll kill Arthur, a traitor to The Black Hand who is sleeping upstairs.

Alys and Rags take him up on the offer; he gives them rings which give +5 Stealth 2/day. Egan stayed out of it. Then Alys and Rags began to have second thoughts, but followed-through with it. The bounty sheets disappeared, and a black hand appeared on it.


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