Egan's father; Cleric of Gond


Male Dwarf, Age 135

Dolgrin is an older, wizened dwarf with wispy graying hair and a tangled beard. He wears the garb of a cleric of Gond, a saffron vestment with a crimson collar and stole, and a belt constructed of linked medallions.

Dolgrin has spent his life in servitude to Gond, tinkering away in the temple lab. When he met Egan, he was drawn by the boy’s ability to create flame, and had, for a time, an apprentice. When Egan moved on to seek the source, Dolgrin was upset, but again buried himself in his work.

Adventure 4 and Prior

Dolgrin welcomed Egan home and questioned him about the wanted posters. He suggested the PCs seek the cleric of Oghma, Jarthus, to help with Rags’ amnesia.

Adventure 5


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