Chancellor Reihne

Traitorous Chancellor


Male Dwarf, 112, Summoner 11, LE

Chancellor Reihne is the advisor to Queen Karrivva. He is also the next in line for the throne after Princess Agna. He is considered by many to be as wise as he is unfriendly and formal. After nearly 45 years of service, the queen trusts him explicitly and consults him on almost all matters, including some that would traditionally be closely-held royal secrets.

Reihne is past middle-age, and has graying-brown hair and wrinkles. He dresses in expensive clothes that show-off his high status, and wears many rings. He walks with a gold walking stick with a sapphire embedded in the handle.


Chancellor Reihne was the one who orchestrated the assassination of Princess Agna. He met with the Reverend Mother Dultha to let her know that the princess was leaving the castle and would be vulnerable. He though that this betrayal would result in the princess’ death, and that he’d be closer to the throne, and that he and the drow from Kaldra’iv would be allies. However, expecting treachery, he also figured that the Great Rift would easily be strong enough to withstand an assault from a fledgling drow colony. He had no suspicion that the drow would seek to infiltrate the royal family as they are, to claim the rule from him.

Reihne’s Mansion

Chancellor Reihne

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