Gate guard at Earthheart - Deceased


Borthal is a handsome dwarf, with an unbraided but well-kept beard and light brown hair. He wields a longsword as opposed to the traditional dwarven waraxe. He has a scar on his cheek from some long-past battle.

Borthal is a seasoned veteran. He’s been guarding the gate to Earthheart for almost 50 years, and is considered first in line when the current commander retires. Borthal has seen much over his years, and approaches situations with a calm and defusing manner, avoiding conflict where possible. However, he won’t hesitate to fight when the need arises.

Adventure 4 and Prior

Spoke briefly with PCs and Zarzuket when they arrived at Earthheart and the gates slammed shut.

Adventure 5

Assigned to escort the PCs from Earthheart to Underhome. Borthal was killed during the fight with the deep dragon Zeuroth’s bandit gang, rended apart by a troll.


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