Matron Ildris


Female Drow, Age 27

Balaena is a particularly cunning woman, even for a Drow. Despite her young age, she orchestrated the assassination of her mother so she could take the place of house matron. Her youthful looks belie her sharp mind, and she uses her foes’ underestimation of her to her advantage. She wears a hooded, body-length black cloak, which is stitched with silver in an intricate pattern of webs; beneath it, she wears a sleeveless white blouse and a short black skirt. Heeled boots protect her feet from the rocky terrain while remaining feminine. Her bleach-white hair, opalescent blue eyes, onyx skin, and lithe figure are all typical for her race.

Balaena excels at hiding her race’s general malice, but she’s every ounce as ambitious and self-centered as other Drow. What sets her apart is that she recognizes the value of other races, and so she lacks the xenophobia present in other Drow.

Balaena is a distant cousin of Ilmlice, the spy currently pretending to be Princess Agna. Despite the distance of the relationship, Balaena hold Ilmlice in high regard because of her skill, and Ilmlice enjoys many perks as would a closer family member. It was Balaena who suggested Ilmlice when Reverend Mother Dultha asked for someone skilled enough to infiltrate the Great Rift, although she is unaware of the details of that infiltration.

Adventure 4 and Prior

During Adventure 3, while the caravan was set up around the Drow colony of Kaldra’iv, Balaena approached the PCs for help rescuing her captive mother G’eldriia. The plea wound up being fraudulent, and the PCs were duped into assassinating G’eldriia so that Balaena could take her place as house matron. Balaena was pleased with the PCs’ efficiency, and suggested that they could maybe work together in the future.


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