Caravan Cook


Half-Orc Male, Age 27, Warrior 2, N

Surprisingly/startlingly charming; ladies man; cooks to impress; self-serving and hedonistic
“Can I make you breakfast tomorrow?”

Like: Cedric

Appearance: Muscular and unusually attractive; tusks filed to appear more human; green/grey skin, black hair, usually wearing an apron.

Adventure 4 and Prior

Traveling with Zarzuket’s caravan, met the PCs in the underdark, and accompanied them to a mining colony, and a drow colony. At the drow colony, the caravan was attacked by bounty hunters of Kossuth seeking the PCs, and Caladrel was killed. Ausk was injured in the attack as well. Zarzuket decided the PCs could travel with them until Earthheart, but no further.

Adventure 5

After discovering Rags is Princess Agna, Ausk loses interest in her. Only he knows why, but a safe bet is that he feels unworthy. Still, she’s the most likely to ease his pain at the loss of his friend.

Rags talked to him, and he appreciated the effort but came across as though he’d lost romantic interest.


Riches from Rags christhestampede