Riches from Rags

Adventure 7 Summary

After an awkward dinner, during which the PCs were attacked while unarmed and fought off the monster using cutlery, they sneaked into Chancellor Reihne’s mansion to assassinate him as Alys reluctantly followed the orders given to her. Inside, they encountered Balaena and a small group of Drow who were there for the same purpose. Upon Alys’ insistence that she be the one to kill Reihne, the Drow agreed to just provide cover for the PCs and watch their backs. While looking for the Chancellor, the PCs stumbled upon Samantha, a maid, snooping through Reihne’s office. They convinced her that they were there for a snap inspection, and continued on their way. They finally found Reihne asleep, and Alys used the poison given to her on him, but his not-quite-immediate death meant they had to fight his summon monster, a giant serpent. The fight erupted onto the roof, but presumably no one saw them. Afterwards, guards reported seeing a group of Drow carrying-off the Chancellor’s body. Balaena confirmed this (during a Segue), where she briefly (playfully?) accused the PCs of setting her up to take the fall for it and implied that their lack of subtlety would cause trouble for her colony.

Secret stuff: Alys was approached by Drakmor as she and Egan made their way to the lifts out of the Great Rift, and was given another assignment. She was also reminded that she’d committed murder of her own volition, without any threat of repercussion from The Black Hand. Agna, meanwhile, met with Balaena in secret and confirmed her identity as Ilmlice, Balaena’s trusted cousin. Balaena charged her with the task of going to the surface and recruiting the legendary Drow hunter, Dra’al.



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