Riches from Rags

Adventure 5 Summary

Adventure 5 Summary

The PCs traveled from Earthheart to Underhome, escorted by Zarzuket’s Caravan, a few guards (Gromlin, Borthal, and Tordek), and a cleric of Oghma, Reddick. After a brief attack by bandits, they stayed at the inn The Great Thrift, and met Drakmor who convinced them to assassinate Arthur in exchange for removing the bounties on their heads. Alys and Agna agreed, but Egan didn’t participate. During the remaining journey, the party was again attacked by bandits, this time accompanied by their leader, the deep dragon Zeuroth. Though the party was victorious, Borthal was slain, and Alys broke her leg jumping from the back of a fleeing Zeuroth.



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